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A few words about our team

Nuclear Shrimp Games™ was founded in late 2016, and has been providing quality miniatures to the public ever since. Located in a small island called Corfu, in a small beautiful country called Greece, it's the child of two young(-ish) people and already has a wide range of services and products to offer. When we set out to start this company we had a clear goal in mind. We wanted to bring to life the countless ideas we had about the games we grew up playing with. Having a background in all sorts of games, be it board games, TCGs, wargames, videogames, etc we very often found ourselves trying to improve them. How? By adding house rules or creating our own miniatures for example. At some point it became obvious we would never be happy untill we tried doing the whole thing from scratch - so we did. It's been a difficult journey so far but we're determined to make it work because we honestly believe we have a lot to offer. One thing we'd like to emphasize on is that we'll always be listening to our customers/fans. We look forward to your ideas, your critisism, your complaints even! It'll only help us become better so keep them coming.

Tsipis Kypriotis

Co - Founder

Father of Titans

Hi, I'm Tsipis and I started The Titan Manufactorum in 2010. I have been passionate about 3d modelling tanks and aircraft ever since the late 90s and with the recent explosion in the 3d printing industry I have been able to bring my creations to the real world in a seamless manner. Coupled with my gaming background on board games and miniature wargames, founding a gaming development and production company seemed like the obvious thing to do.My days of making crude miniatures out of baked FIMO are certainly long gone...
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Yannis Manesiotis


12th lvl Executioner

Hi I'm Yannis, also know as Red or Flametongue. I'm 35 years old and started my "advanced" boardgame carrier in 1998 with Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. Since then I've played countless games, both of the physical and video variety without ever considering myself a super hardcore player (except maybe that period I spent playing WoW...). Nowadays except from boardgames/wargames, I play some Hearthstone and Overwatch casually so if you feel like chatting feel free to add Flametongue#1315.
P.S. I've had the flametongue nickname since before wow, in fact it's from a MtG card called Flametongue Kavu <3
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