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U.E.F. Hulk Battlesuit

30.00 inc. VAT

The kit includes:

1 Resin Multi Part Vehicle



This is a 30 part kit that allows you to put together a complete UEF Hulk armed with a 50mm Gun in a variety of poses. Includes an 80mm resin base.



The Hulk Battlesuit is one of the latest and most prominent additions to the UEF arsenal. It combines the versatility of infantry with the firepower and resiliency of a main battle tank. Armed with a 50mm smoothbore gun, a coaxial 7.62 light machine gun and an auxiliary rocket launcher, the Hulk Battlesuit is capable for coping against any kind of target.

Despite its substantial combat qualities, perhaps the most imporant aspect of the Hulk Battlesuit are its non combat contributions to every day operations and chores. When not in a combat patrol or deployment, the Hulk is an excellent loader and heavy duty tool for all sort of tasks.



Assembly Instructions




The miniatures are supplied with their respective plastic bases, if the kit includes one. Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. Resin miniatures might need some cleaning of flash residue from the casting process.

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