We can deliver high quality sculpts for miniatures of any scale. In our portfolio we have sculpts which range from 6mm scale personel miniatures to our notoriously big Titan class miniatures which are close to 40" tall! In addition to that we have an ever growing range of magnificent vehicles and mounts.

When contacting us we need you to include:

1. Whether or not you have a concept art at hand. If a concept art is not available then we will handle it following your instructions which should come in the form of a brief. We will be in constant communication with you to make sure that you are happy with the concept art.

2. The scale and/or size of the miniature. Generally speaking, the most common scales for gaming are 6mm, 15mm, 28mm, 32mm and 54mm. The larger the scale the more detailed the model is going to be.

3. Your deadline. Although we can deliver products from the artboard to the shelf in a matter of a few week, we still need to make sure that we take the appropriate amount of time in order to ensure the quality for Nuclear Shrimp Games miniatures.
4. At this point we would also like to know if you want us to 3d print the prototype for you. Generally speaking it is preferable that we handle the entire process so as to make sure the model is properly prepared for production. However, if you have access to your own 3d printer or want to use a different 3d printing service then we are happy to work with that.

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We use vacuum and pressure casting to produce the best possible detail on your miniatures. Apart from the quality of the detail, the advantage of resin casting is that it is viable to do small production runs as low as 20 items with a very limited budget.

For complex miniatures we will also provide a 3d render compilation for assembly instructions. We can provide those files for print if you wish.
The price for each miniature to be put in production is going to vary according to its size, number of parts, general geometry and the quantity to be produced.

Although we usually produce the miniatures that we have designed and printed ourselves, we can handle any model that you wish to be put in production.
Please, be advised that we will refuse to produce anything that is an intelectual property of a third party.This is our specialization. We can make resin cast items for you in large quantities, always with unparallel quality. The uses are limitless. The size of each object cast can range from a few millimeters to almost 20 centimeters per side. For items that may need to be larger we can always divide the bigger piece into smaller ones.

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As you probably have already noticed, we offer almost every service that someone might need to produce a miniature based game from scratch. If you are looking to produce a game and launch it in a crowdfunding site we can provide you with graphic material for the advertising of your campaign. This includes concept art, 3d renders and ofcourse photos of prototypes and resin cast miniatures.

Most importantly, we want to get behind our clients when they run their projects and adapt our services to the particular paradigms of crowdfunding without. That being said we can be flexible with our pricing and the availability of our services especially during your project. We can provide you with additional concept art, sculpts and renders to advertise your project and show your progress to your backers.
We will also provide you with an array of pricing that scales down with larger quantities just so you have an extra incentive to run a more succesful crowdfunding campaign!

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We can create special molds for you. Molds we produce are made of various types of sillicone depending on the usage. Some examples of the types we can make are, for soap making, wax making, various types of food, resin etc

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